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Welcome to beyond_camelot, a community designed to share the love of Arthurian Legends by specifically relating them to BBC's Merlin.

If you have questions, problems, or just need help of any kind feel free to drop by this post or message one of the mods directly.

The mods are:

- Use an lj-cut, it is your friend. Anything over 300 words, not safe for work, or images that are larger than 320x480 px should be under a cut.

- You can post stories that contain the main cast, but the character you're creating should be more than just a walk-on or in the periphery (a good rule of thumb is that they have something to do with the moving the plot forward). Feel free to message miakun with questions regarding this.

- As for discussions, the sky's the limit! Just play nicely and follow the rules about lj-cuts.

- Clearly label anything regarding spoilers. Spoilers as of now consist of anything involving Series 3. Series 1 & 2 are fair game. If you're not sure it's a spoiler, just label it anyway.

- Employ the use of the Tag System. If your entry needs a new tag, I'll add it in.

- For fic use this header or something similar:

Also be encouraged to provide a link to any reference website (even wikipedia) that has information about the character you're writing about, so people unfamiliar can get familiar!
This is a community for the show Merlin, specifically focusing on taking characters from Arthurian Legend and Merlinizing them - this can include any kind of art or episodic, general, slash, het, femslash, future, AU fiction, or just basic discussions about these amazing characters. This also includes characters on the show that have already been introduced, the requirement being that they have shown up on screen equal or less than Lancelot.

So as an example and if you want to forever endear yourself to the mod writing an episode of your own version of Elaine of Astolat that would be completely appropriate.

But you could also write a story about Lancelot's story before Camelot. Or Mordred piloting a starship. Or Britomart and Morgana's epic love tale. Or Agravaine looking back on the King's reign. The possibility are near endless (as is the source material, feel free to go back into the deeper myths, Celtic, Medieval or otherwise).

[info - community] camelot_fleet

If you'd like to affiliate comment here!

If you're looking for a character to write on, there is tons and tons of literature available. Arthurian Legends are wide and varied (wikipedia.org is a surprising resource), there's also a large list of Arthurian Reference Materials and Resources for Writers you can check out.

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